I am, without a doubt, the unsavviest web user I know (yes, that’s even including my mother!). I didn’t have an email address until the year 2000, I learned only this week what RSS meant and I’m – gasp! – not a Facebook or MySpace member. Yep, that plunks me straight into the social category labelled “outcast”.

Advanced Editing for Digital Media is my new saviour! These 12 weeks promise to bring me up to speed on the wonders of internet communication and what it means to the publishing industry.

I’ve found a couple of cool sites and blogs discussing that same topic:
Speakeasy: The Australian Writers Marketplace writing and publishing news in Australia
The Publishing Trends Blog publishing news
Joe Wikert’s Publishing 2020 Blog “A book publisher’s future visions of print, online, video and all media formats not yet invented”
Melbourne Today Awesome daily photos of Melbourne, which has nothing to do with publishing. I just like the site.

Fitzroyalty is the blog that I’ll be following over the course of the semester. It’s a site dedicated to the coolest suburb in Melbourne, and where I adore living.


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