Web 2.0!

Well, this is pretty exciting. I’ve just had my first Web 2.0 experience! I received a comment on my first blog by the Fitzroyalty blogger Brian Ward. He noticed that I had mentioned my intention to follow his site for the rest of the semester. Funny, when I posted the blog I didn’t expect it to actually be read by anyone outside the Advanced Editing for Digital Media class. Brian sent me a link to one of his posts, “The Local Newspapers of the Future” that details his project to create online news sources for neighborhoods like Fitzroy, Collingwood, Carlton and Brunswick – and he’s looking for contributors.

During class this past week we split up into our web site groups. There are five of us in mine. We’ve decided to focus our site on food in Melbourne. It will have an intended audience of Melburnians and visitors of Melbourne who are interested in eating well. The central goal of the site will be to define and promote Melburnian food as it is encapsulated by foreign influences, innovative chefs and local traditions. The site will feature ethnic restaurants, food festivals and culinary profiles of Melbourne’s prominent neighborhoods.

Concerning this week’s readings, Jonathan Lane’s “Information Architecture – Planning Out a Web Site” offers an excellent guide for anyone building a web site. I supose it’s easy for web site designers to become distracted by pressure from clients, new flashy technology or simply a misunderstanding of the web site’s intended purpose. Lane suggests that when building a web site, one should think about who the target audience is, what information and services they need and how it should be structured to meet those needs. These tips, along with those for drawing up a site map, will be very helpful for my web site group since all of us are complete novices.

My in-class presentation this week was a talk about the Macquarie Dictionary Online. And also take a look at the fun Australian Word Map. I use it all the time to translate from Aussie English to American English!


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  1. Hi Renee, WordPress automatically tells me about incoming links. Interconnectivity is everything 🙂

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