Web 2.0 – for rebels only

This week’s readings were amazing. I really enjoyed “The World is Flat: The Ten Forces that Flattened the World” by Thomas L Friedman.  It offered a great description of the history of the internet in layman’s terms. He had some very interesting ideas about how the internet has broken down the gatekeeping function that the media once had, now that consumers are becoming producers. He says that this process “is fundamentally reshaping the flow of creativity, innovation, political mobilization, and information gathering and dissemination.” He later attributes the hesitancy for more people to take part in Web 2.0 to the “deeply ingrained habits of deference to authority and institutions”, which I thought was spot-on.

Friedman mentions a certain Kevin Kelly and his article called “We Are the Web”. My curiosity brought me to a video of Kelly speaking at a conference in December 2007. His presentation was called “Predicting the Next 5,000 Days of the Web”. He talks about how the internet is 5,000 days old and compares it to the size and complexity of the human brain. Then, he goes on to predict the future of the internet and it’s really mind-blowing.

Another cool video “Ridiculously Cool Technology” is concerning new Microsoft technology that many believe will pave the future for online newspapers.

So my web site group is heading in a new direction. We’ve come to terms with the fact that Melburnian food is just much too big a theme. Instead, we’re going to focus the site on chocolate and other sweets in Melbourne. I’m really happy with the change in direction and look forward to conducting some research!

The Fitzroyalty blog is still wonderful, I especially like the pics of the new graffiti. Graffiti seems to be a very important component of Fitzroy’s image. Rarely do you see simple tagging – instead, there’s a vast amount of beautiful and artistic murals all around the area. I like how this blog appreciates and respects Fitzroy’s graffiti and treats it as art.


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  1. That video on Microsoft’s Photosynth technology was the first TED video I ever saw. Jaw dropping stuff. (The Kevin Kelly talk you link to here is also a TED talk).
    One day I want to stump up the $US6,000 and go to TED in person. 🙂


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