Googlezon: is the end near?

I just watched week five’s video Googlezon/future of online media and found it far-fetched. It basically foretells the collapse of online news as we know it: shaped by companies such as the New York Times, CNN and the BBC. It specifically pinpoints the NYT’s downfall to the not-so-distant year of 2014. It claims that five years from now Amazon and Google are combining to form the immensely powerful “Googlezon” which will revolutionise the consumption of news – tailoring it according to each user’s detailed profile. The NYT will be reduced to a measly newsletter. Microsoft too will be an easy defeat. I can imagine the NYT and other news companies will be threatened by future innovations such as the so-called EPIC program of Googlezon, but who’s to say that these media companies don’t do some revolutionising and innovating of their own? And will people really want to read/listen to news that is edited and controlled by computers and algorithms? I don’t think so.

In class this week my group met to divide up some of the responsibilities for the website. I’ve accepted the task of writing up our mission statement and “About Us” section. I also hope to write some of the feature articles, take photographs and do some of the editing. I found an interesting (if a bit dated) article “Choc Chic” about Melbourne chocolate from the Age.

Looking at the Fitzroyalty blog this week I noticed a new blog entry “The Salvos on a Monday Morning” about the Salvos in Abbotsford. The writer describes it’s deplorable state on Monday morning which he noticed while riding to work. To work? This means that he not only maintains this blog (adding one or two entries a day), but he works too? I can’t imagine having to juggle both. The blog looks like it takes a huge amount of effort and is really well maintained. Bravo!

I found an interesting article in the NY Times called “Australia Moves to Build High-Speed Network” about how the Rudd administration has decided to build a huge high-speed internet network in Australia. Another can be found at called “High Speed Broadband – Rudd Labor and the business of Nation-Building”.


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