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This week I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my group website project, chocrocks. Right now we’re in the process of uploading. I noticed various inconsistencies in formatting between people’s content so I did a lot of editing. Since we’re using wordpress, the fear is that our site will resemble a blog more than a website. As a group we chose a new design and now it looks much better. We’ve still got some other decisions to make concerning the navigation bar. Our menu titles are very ad hoc and don’t have the same tone. Plus, some of them don’t adequately express the content they represent. We’re brainstorming solutions.

We spoke this week about copyright. I’ve noticed that fitzroyalty has a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Australia License. This basically means that anyone can copy, adapt, distribute any of fitzroyalty’s content as long as it is attributed to the blog’s owner, used for non-commercial purposes and is registered under the same copyright license.

In class this week we discussed writing headlines. Sarah showed us all of the class’s headlines from assignment two. They could all be improved on, especially mine! I hadn’t realised how boring it was. I realise now that a headline is more than a simple title, but more importantly a way to entice readers. Stephen Quinn’s “How to write compelling headlines” was helpful, but unfortunately geared more towards newspaper headlines.  I found some other advice in copyblogger‘s posting “How to write headlines that work” by Brian Clark. This post lists some advice found inThe Copywriter’s Handbook, Also interesting is “Headline writing: How to write web headlines that catch search engine spiders” by newmediabytes.


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