Blogging Basics

For a new blogger, the idea that blogging takes part in a large, public conversation is hard to grasp. The new blogger has dreams of attracting droves of loyal readers through their steady stream of witty, charming posts.  While that may just happen, they’ll have to first survive the awkward why-isn’t-anyone-reading-my-blog?! stage. The lack of comments or linking leads the new blogger to feel that what they’re writing is a glorified personal journal. It’s like jumping up and down in the middle of Times Square on New Year’s Eve, shouting, “Hey everyone, listen to me!!!” How can you compete with the fireworks, the dropping ball, crowds, lights and champagne? And the web is infinitely bigger and more exciting.

Then the magical day arrives when the new blogger receives their first comment (by someone other than a best friend, uni professor or blood relation) and everything changes – finally the invitation into the conversation has arrived.

Although I’ve been blogging for the past six months, and I read blogs like fitzroyalty, the future of publishingjezebel, I still wonder about the “rules” of blogging, so I took a look around and found some interesting tips.

1. Be brave. Blogger Vivek Wagle says,

Excellent blogging requires risk. You have to put yourself out there in raw form. You have to be prepared to be ridiculed, stared at and critiqued. No great work engenders universal agreement. And no great blog is universally liked.

2. Join in the conversation. Daily Blog Tips advises:

Blogging is not just about you and it’s actually not even just about your readers. It also includes the conversation that goes on between your blog and others in the same industry. Read the blogs of others and leave comments to let them know what you think of their sites.

3. Don’t hold back. ProBlogger says,

Great blogs are ones which are startlingly “real”. They give the details and the raw juicy information in a way that only the author is able to deliver. In that way, authenticity is really about delivering a uniquely fascinating experience — with the emphasis on “unique”.

4. Nearly everyone agrees with this final rule: NEVER blog about blogging.



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